Welcome to the world of real values!

We at SMH Schweizerische Metallhandels AG Deutschland specialize in the distribution and sale of strategic metals.

The whole world literally revolves around these metals. Without them, the technological advances of recent decades would simply dissolve into thin air.

Can you imagine what our lives would be like today without modern communication technologies?

Medical and technological progress without strategic metals? Unthinkable!

Strategic metals are a true blessing for everyday applications. That's why it's important to handle them responsibly and conserve resources. Many valuable metals land in the garbage dumps in the world, sometimes irretrievably, because recycling is spotty, too expensive or simply not possible because the technologies have not yet progressed far enough. That's why many scientists see garbage dumps as a future source of raw materials.

If these raw materials become scarce or their availability is restricted for political reasons, that can have a direct effect on the business sector and therefore on jobs and general prosperity as well.

Our business concept is aimed precisely at this gap. Together with our customers we are creating a strategic reserve for the economy.

That's why we offer the exclusive opportunity to become owners of these valuable strategic metals and thereby to contribute to this important undertaking. The strategic metals you acquire are stored long term with our partner company in Switzerland.

This is how we have been able to build up a substantial and much-needed stock of raw materials in recent years, which one day will benefit the economy.

Watch a fascinating presentation in this promotional image film, "Tradecraft".

Hard facts

  • Hard metals protect against soft currency

  • Tight Supply - Increasing demand

  • Our choice is simple: The best of everything

  • Minimize risk with SMH | Carts and SMH | Monthly Purchasing

  • Established suppliers mean top quality

The benefits of purchasing strategic metals

  • You have full ownership of the purchased metals
  • The metals are expressly assigned solely to you
  • VAT-free acquisition of the metals
  • Metals are physically stored in a high security bonded warehouse outside the EU
  • Safety Class I vault (bank status)
  • Monitored by Swiss customs authorities
  • The metals are gas, water and fire protected and packed in UN standard packaging UN / 1A2 / X40 / S / 06 / D / BAM / 5245S
  • Fair and reasonable storage rates